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Femiforte Tablet

Each coated tablet contains:
Name of Ingredient
Powders and Bhasmas: Latin/ English Name Quantity Ashoka Saraca indica 100 mg
Triphala >>>> 60 mg
Vasa Adhatoda vasica 60 mg
Jeeraka Cumimum cyminum 20 mg
Kukkutandtwak bhasma >>>> 25 mg
Phitkari shuddha Alum 20 mg
Shilajit shuddha Purified asphaltum 20 mg
Chopchini Smilax china 10 mg
Hirabola Commiphora myrrha 10 mg
Kankola Piper cubeba 10 mg
Loh bhasma >>>> 10 mg
Mandur bhasma >>>> 10 mg
Mukta Shukti bhasma >>>> 10 mg
Nagkeshar Mesua ferrea 10 mg
Usheer Andropogan muricatus 10 mg
Trivang bhasma >>>> 4 mg
Extracts derived from
Tanduliya mool Amaranthus spinosus 200 mg
Daruharidra Berberis aristata 80 mg
Ashwagandha Withania somnifera 40 mg
Devadaru Cedrus doedara 40 mg
Gokshura Tribulus terrestris 40 mg
Guduchi Tinospora cordifolia 40 mg
Oudumbar Ficus glomerata 40 mg
Japa Hibiscus rosa sinensis 40 mg
Khadira Acacia catechu 40 mg
Lodhra Symplocos racemosa 40 mg
Ulat Kambal Abroma augusta 40 mg
Putrajivak Putranjiva roxburghii 40 mg
Shalmali Bombax malabaricum 40 mg
Shatavari Asparagus racemosus 40 mg

Female genital tract is very susceptible to microbial infection, especially infections like trichomonal, chlamydial and candidial. Malnutrition, poor hygiene further impairs host response, increasing susceptibility to vaginitis.
FEMIFORTE contains potent astringent like Saraca indica, which arrests excessive vaginal discharge. Ingredients like Berberis aristata, Tinospora cordifolia, exert anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and immunity enhancing actions and hence, FEMIFORTE effectively treats vaginitis and minimizes recurrence.

Excessive vaginal discharge due to fungal / bacterial / protozoal infection
Abnormal / excessive vaginal discharge associated with pregnancy
Recurrent vaginitis

Tablets: 1 tablet twice daily.
Tablets: Blister pack of 20 tablets.

Do 's
1) A brisk walk in the morning is advised.
2) Sanitary and hygienic measures should be followed.
3) Wear comfortable fitting panties and also preferably of cotton to ensure air circulation.
4) Clean affected area two times in a day with water.
Dont 's
1) Avoid fried and spicy food recipes.
2) Avoid fasting.
3) Avoid sour things specially pickles and curds.
4) Avoid sex during the attack of the disease.
5) Reduce anxiety and stress.

Female sexual diseases- Ayurvedic management
Female sexual problems- Diet and Lifestyle

Female sexual problem prevents her from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity. Lack of desire, pain during intercourse, sexual climax is some of the sexual problems they face. Many factors like medical, physical and psychological reasons; diet and lifestyle contribute to sexual problems.
Few Ayurvedic Remedies are:
1. Healing qualities of Shatavari are very effective on the female reproductive system related problems. It helps in minimizing the women’s complaints related to menstrual cycles and balancing the female hormonal system. It also helps in decreasing the inflammation of female sexual organs, in fighting tiredness and morning sickness, helps in problems related to infertility, leucorrhea, and in regulating ovulation etc, which occur during the menopause cycle. Those women, who face problems of hot flashes, they should try combination of Shatavari and Kama Duba.Shatavari helps in treating/balancing ‘Pitta dosha’. Useful for infertility, impotence and general sexual debility, decreased libido, threatened miscarriage, menopause, leucorrhea, and has the ability to balance pH in the cervical area.
2. Women who exercise regularly, take vitamins regularly and eat fewer saturated fats, more full-fat dairy products and less meat have fewer ovulation problems. Chocolate contains phenethylamine, a nutrient that enhances mood and is the chemical we produce in our brains when we fall in love. Artichokes, like wine, are also good for ladies Sex is an integral part of our daily habits (Dinacharya). Night and after two hours of dinner is the ideal time for intimacy, as it is kapha time. Healthy food: Avoid refined carbohydrates emphasize on lean meats, chicken, fish, and a lot of vegetables. Homemade salad dressing consisting of flaxseed oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice is also beneficial.
3. Vajikarna is one of eight disciplines, which deals with maintenance of vitality. Women seek rejuvenation chiefly to restore their youthful beauty and attraction. This can be achieved by the concept of Rasayana (rejuvenation).

Fitness training for ladies to improve sexual power
Ayurvedic techniques for a good progeny

Fitness training could be practiced by ladies for improving the quality of their sex life. In general a women who does regular workouts would be fit for sex than those who lead a sedentary life (Stanelli, 2007). Therefore fitness training is highly required for females if they want a good family life.

Testosterone is a hormone, which is produced by both male and female sex organs and is responsible for sexual arousal and its level could be increased by proper exercises. For females, the increase in the testosterone level could be achieved only if they train very hard. They have to do compound exercises with 8-10 reps and rest periods for half to one and a half hour. Compared to men they have do intensive workouts to get the same level of testosterone as men in order to increase libido. When male require only six weeks of training, female requires eight weeks of training to get the same result. This is reported to be because of the difficulty in the production of testosterone in the female body. However doing workouts for very long period of time and combining cardio exercises with weight exercises could actually reduce this hormone level. Proper rest and sleep could boost up its production. Thus proper fitness training for better sex could be done only under the guidance of a well-experienced instructor.

Thus it could be seen that the females could also do fitness training for better sex. These exercises would improve the levels of testosterone in the blood, which would increase the sexual arousal. Females have to work out more intensely than males to get good results. Along with workouts rest and sleep also would help to have better sex life.

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